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In true Atlanta professional sports fashion, the Atlanta Braves blew a 3-1 lead against the LA Dodgers in the NLCS Championship last night and as an Atlanta sports fan…I am not surprised.

Last year, the Braves were smashed by the Cardinals 13-1 in Game 5 of the NLDS.

Our epic loss track record is embarrassing at this point!

The one that hurt the most is the 2016 Super Bowl collapse when the Falcons blew a 25-point lead in the 3rd quarter.

In 2014, the Atlanta Hawks got swept by the Cleveland Cavs in the conference semi-final round of the playoffs.

The Atlanta Dream made it to the Finals three times (2010, 2011, & 2013) with no chip to show for it. 

The Georgia Bulldogs lost the 2018 National Championship game to the Alabama Crimson Tide 26-23, and we have not beaten Alabama since 2007.

The most frustrating thing about these missed opportunities is we have the talent to win, but we do not know how to finish.

I use to tell myself that once we get one championship, then others will come soon after, but the Atlanta United soccer team won the MLS Championship in 2018 and no other Atlanta sports team has won anything.

I’m not sure who put this curse on Atlanta sports teams, but they did a helluva job!

Hopefully, one of Atlanta’s major sports teams will close out a finals series with confidence and win a championship, we are long overdue!

Source: CBS46