If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending an Erykah Badu concert you KNOW that it is a vibe.

That is why Twitter is completely befuddled by a viral video of two women squabbling at one of her concerts.

In the clip, posted on July 5, Erykah is grooving and singing her classic joint, “Window Seat,” as two women in the audience fight for their lives.

Another confused concertgoer asked, “Erykah Badu makes y’all wanna fight?!’

Watch the clip below.

One person tweeted, “Getting your ass whooped with Erykah Badu singing in the background is crazy.”

Another person wrote, “If you can muster up the spirit of anger in the presence of Erykah Badu, you are most definitely the problem.”

Read a few more Twitter reactions to the Baduism Brawl below.

One fan did point out that once upon a time Erykah took to the streets of Twitter to remind folks not to let the smooth taste fool ya – she can get about that action if you come at her the wrong way.

Remember when she tweeted:

Look.. I choose peace but, say… Don’t walk up on me wrong..

This Tea and Incense can turn into Colt 45 and Newports if NEED be.. OK?

Here’s the original tweet:

I guess it was a Colt 45 and Newports situation at her concert.

Your thoughts?