Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor via Instagram

Teyana Taylor has filed court documents accusing Iman Shumpert of cutting off the utilities in the home she resides in with their two young daughters. 

According to the filing, Teyana woke up in the Georgia home they used to share, only to discover the cable and wifi had been shut off. 

A day later, the water was turned off. 

Iman Shumpert moved out of the house in October 2023, and Teyana Taylor says he has not paid child support or covered any of the girls’ expenses – including food and clothing costs.

Iman’s brother, who handles his personal affairs, advised Teyana her estranged husband also plans to shut the power off. 

On top of the utility drama, Teyana claims Iman left her holding the bag on $200,000 worth of home renovations he started three years ago. 

In her filing, Teyana said Iman told her his money is currently tied up in investments, and if she covers the expenses up front he would reimburse her. 

Because their divorce is pending, both parties are obligated to maintain the status quo on their home and finances until the divorce is finalized. 

Teyana Taylor is asking the court to find Iman Shumpert in contempt for violating the order. 

She is also asking the court to enforce Iman’s child support payments.

It’s so sad to see Teyana and Iman go from “besties” to this. 

Hopefully, they will be able to move forward with their divorce amicably for the sake of their precious girls.

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Source: TMZ

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