Teyana Taylor took to the streets of social media to address rumors started by a TikTok account that alluded to her suffering a drug overdose after learning Iman Shumpert was allegedly cheating on her.

The TikTok account with the handle @KlatSchhh claims they received an anonymous tip and only created the re-enactment of the tip they received.

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Remember when Teyana was hospitalized back in November for dehydration and was forced to miss a date on her tour?

The TikTok “re-enactment” claims that’s when she allegedly overdosed after learning Iman was allegedly cheating.

Of course, Teyana caught wind of the rumors and swiftly addressed them via social media.

She wrote, in part:

Lawd, Yall messy ass bloggers are worst than the national enquirer. The person who sent in this CAP ass TikTok story is a fool, the person who “re-enacted” this CAP ass story is a fool (she better have her court coin ready) but the people who believed the CAP ass star are the biggest fools smh.

Y’all allowed a YT girl to pull some sh*t like this during black history month???

1. NO ONE have been “hired” or “fired” on my team. My whole staff is my family & all still currently work for me. 

2. I DO NOT DO DRUGS, sh*t I don’t even smoke weed & I only drink occasionally. 

4. If I overdosed where’s the 911 call?? How would I be able to walk myself in to the hospital? How would I be able to get discharged from the hospital in less than 4 hours?? How would I be able to perform in ATL perfectly 2 days later?

Y’all MF’s including me was more than enough of Euphoria to know good and got damn well I wouldn’t be able to do Andy of those things if I “overdosed” most importantly where’s this proof or tea? Where’s the receipts???? OH.

   3. NOBODY AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOBODY CAN MAKE PETUNIA OVERDOSE on a damn thing. I’d kill @ImanShumpert fine ass, put him in a nice suit & bury him my damn self before I EVER let him or ANYBODY to push me to drugs or take myself out. 

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The Twitter reactions to the “tea” is a mixed bag.

Peep a few tweets below.


If the TikTok report is indeed a lie I hope Teyana Taylor sues everyone involved down to the cameraman and the person who edited the video.

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