Some Texas residents are pushing the conspiracy theory that the horrible snowstorm that left thousands without power or water for days was planted by the government.

The Texas residents are using videos on social media to show snow that will not melt after being placed under extreme heat, which in their minds proves that the snow is fake or government-issued.

In the videos below a girl shows how the snow will not melt when she heats it up.

The video below shows a man trying to use a lighter to melt what he calls “government snow”.

In the video below a man shows how the snow doesn’t make his bare hands wet, it just falls to the ground. He also calls it “government snow.”

The video below shows a woman who blames Bill Gates for the snow because he recently backed a Harvard-led project to stave off climate change by snuffing out the sun.

Thank you Bill Gates for trying to f**king trick us that this is real snow. Snow don’t burn, snow f**king melts.

I will admit that this snow is very weird.

According to Popular Mechanics, the heating elements used in the above videos are hot enough to cause the snow to vaporize immediately, skipping over the melting-liquid state, in a process called sublimation.

But, the snow didn’t vaporize immediately either!

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Source: New York Post

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