Texans Pro Bowl quarterback Deshaun Watson is being sued by three female massage therapists for alleged sexual assault.

The lawsuits were filed in Harris County, Texas, on Tuesday and Wednesday. All women are being represented by attorney Tony Buzbee.

The first lawsuit alleges Deshaun assaulted a female licensed massage therapist, who chose to remain anonymous, “by touching her with his penis” while receiving a massage at her home in March 2020.

According To The First Lawsuit (March 2020 Incident):

The therapist left Watson alone in the massage room of her home and when she returned, “Watson was lying on the massage table completely naked with only a small towel covering his groin area.

Watson then emphasized to the therapist that he didn’t want her to use her knuckles or elbows during the massage. He told her to only use her hands, and to focus on his “groin area.”

The therapist “began to feel extremely uncomfortable” and was trying to find a way to “extricate herself from the situation.”

“At one point, he exposed the tip of his penis from under the towel. As a result of him moving his hips, Watson purposely touched the therapist’s hand with the tip of his erect penis.”

The therapist “was shocked and mortified” and ended the session.

Watson left the “home without further incident” and later apologized via text.

The second lawsuit alleges Watson assaulted a masseuse from Atlanta, who chose to remain anonymous, in August 2020 at a hotel in Houston.

According To The Second Lawsuit (August 2020 Incident):

Watson reached out to the Atlanta masseuse over Instagram on August 14, 2020 to set up a private session.

The woman says Watson agreed to fly her out to Houston for a massage on August 28 at Watson’s suite at The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa.

Once she got there the woman says Watson “immediately got completely nude and got on the massage table with his penis completely exposed.”

She said she “firmly told Watson that he needed to use a towel to cover himself,” but he declined, and explained that he “gets hot easily.”

She said she continued with the massage, but “started to think something was off.”

The woman says Watson then kept directing her to his anus and genitals, getting more and more “aggressive” with his massage demands.

At one point, the woman claims Watson “moved in her direction, causing her hand to touch his genitals.”

The woman says she stopped the massage and tried to leave, but she claims a completely naked Watson grabbed her by her hand, started to rub her arm, and told her, “it is okay, it is okay.”

The woman left eventually, but she said Watson only paid half of his bill.

She said Watson reached out to her again “some months later” saying he was going to be in town and wanted to see if she was available.

The woman claims she did not respond.

Third Lawsuit (December 2020 Incident):

A third female masseuse has filed a lawsuit against Watson, claiming he forced her to perform oral sex during a December 2020 encounter.

Much like the second accuser, the woman claims Watson reached out over Instagram to set up a session. She claims they agreed to an appointment at a Houston, Texas office building on December 28, 2020, at 10 AM.

The masseuse claims she was newly engaged and had just graduated from chiropractic school. She said her mother dropped her off at the office building, she met Watson and things immediately got weird.

She said Watson told her to focus on massaging his “inner thighs” and “inner glutes”, and he kept telling her that he is a professional football player.

She claims Watson “got more aggressive” and eventually “coerced her to move her mouth toward his penis, forcing her to perform oral sex on him.”

The masseuse claims she did not consent to the sex act, and she actually “blacked out for a few minutes from the fear.”

She claims she was so terrified that she defecated on herself.

She says Watson got up, got dressed and left as if nothing happened.

The masseuse is suing for sexual assault, civil assault, and intentional inflection of emotional distress. She is also being represented by attorney Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee claims there are at least 3 other women who plan to file suits against Watson.

Watson has denied all wrongdoing in a recent tweet, and he states that attorney Buzbee is seeking money bags for his clients.

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