Tessa Thompson Gets Tongue Tied Over Michael B. Jordan's Calvin Klein Ad

Tessa Thompson sounded like a glitch in “Westworld” when she was asked about Michael B. Jordan‘s Calvin Klein underwear ads at the Hollywood premiere of Creed III.

Tessa, who plays Michael’s love interest, Bianca, in the Creed films, was being interviewed by “Extra’sMelvin Robert at the Hollywood premiere of Creed III, and she was professional, as usual, until she was asked what she thinks as a friend about the Calvin Klein ad.

Tessa became tongue-tied as she tried to verbalize her thoughts after Melvin Roberts handed her one of the pictures from MBJ’s Calvin Klein photo shoot:

As a friend, I don’t… I don’t believe… I do… Yes!… I, it, well…

I’m proud of him as a friend. I think this is great work that he’s done.

Some of it is God-given. Some of it is hard-earned.

And, I’m just very proud of him. I don’t objectify him, I never would. 

He’s my work friend so I keep it appropriate.

But, if I were a young girl I might have this, like, this area in particular, is interesting… I might have it on my wall.

…I think a great thing about him is he has kept a level head in and amongst all of his success, but I’m sure he has a couple of moments when he looks in the mirror, and he’s like, ‘Damn!… Yeah, Michael B. Fine!… Michael B. So Fine!’

Watch the video clip of the Tessa Thompson interview from “Extra” below:

In an exclusive chat with “Entertainment Tonight,” Michael B. Jordan said he called his mom to apologize for “having his business all out in the streets” in his Calvin Klein ad.

See a few photos from the campaign below.

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