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Terrence J Shot At During Attempted ‘Follow-Home’ Robbery In Sherman Oaks

Terrence J is blessed to be alive following an attempted follow-home robbery early Wednesday (November 10) morning.

The actor and former BET host, real name Terrence Jenkins, was returning to his Sherman Oaks home from Hollywood with a passenger in his car around 3 a.m.

When he pulled up an SUV filled with masked men blocked his car in.

One of the masked men ordered Terrence to get out of his car at gunpoint.

Terrence J managed to drive off. The robbers gave chase and at least one of them began shooting at his car. 

When he spotted a California Highway Patrol car, Terrence flagged down police for help.

Meanwhile, back at the residence, a woman was inside with the alarm blaring waiting for police to rescue her. 

The Los Angeles Police Department moved quickly to clear the house and the woman inside was unhurt.

Watch the news report below.

Thank God, Terrence J and everyone else who was in harms way are okay.

I urge everyone to be extra observant of your surroundings and very careful when out and about. 

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