Tequan Hines & His Girlfriend Asia Under Investigation For Licking Ice Cream In A Grocery Store & Putting It Back In The Freezer

Content creators Tequan Hines and his partner Asia are under investigation for a viral video of them licking a quart of Blue Bunny ice cream inside of a grocery store and putting it back in the freezer.

In the video, Tequan tells Asia to hurry up and get the ice cream. She grabs it from the freezer, takes the lid off, and says, ‘Can’t nobody see?’ then licks the ice cream. 

Tequan then asks her to let him taste it, and she leans back, puts the container in his face, and he licks the ice cream as well. 

He then tells her to “Hurry up and put it back.”

Asia puts the ice cream back in the freezer, closes the door, and Tequan says, “C’mon let’s run… let’s run…”

The couple then runs down the aisle of the store laughing.

Watch the video below:

Tequan posted the video to social media, and it went viral, but he took it down because many people were calling for them to be arrested.

According to a spokesperson for the Portsmouth Police Department in Virginia, a ton of pissed-off people made them aware of Tequan and Asia’s lick-and-dash ice cream video.

The spokesperson said the cops are currently investigating the video to figure out which grocery store it was recorded in, and “Thus far no business has come forward as a victim in our jurisdiction.”

The police believe that Tequan and Asia live in the Portsmouth area, based on their social media profiles.

The investigation will determine if Tequan and Asia paid for the ice cream after licking it.

If the couple ends up getting arrested for their ice cream lick-and-dash, they won’t be the first.

In 2020, D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson pled guilty to criminal mischief for licking some Blue Bell ice cream and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

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Source: TMZ