Tenet kicked in the box office door with an estimated $20.2 million in ticket sales over Labor Day weekend.

The mind-bending film from Christopher Nolan has scooped $150 million internationally.

Read our review of the film written by our resident movie guru, B. Gunn.

'Tenet' Trailer Starring John David Washington & Robert Pattinson

‘Tenet’ Review By B. Gunn

“Tenet” stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Dimple Kapadia. So, the plot is fairly simple; it follows a secret agent as manipulates the flow of time – specifically inversion – to prevent a worldwide catastrophe. Unpacking the plot, however, can be like a Facebook relationship status – it’s complicated. Those complications are what make “Tenet” supremely entertaining. 

Director Christopher Nolan has a type. His type is making complex storylines along with sensational visuals mixed in with superior music scores. “Tenet” keeps the tradition going.

Washington plays the protagonist – that’s his character’s actual name. Time will tell if he shall be as great as his father Denzel, but in this movie, he’s pretty dayum good. All the talent gives arousing performances for that matter, but the focus is truly on Nolan’s conceptualization of this movie extravaganza.

Most time-traveling scripts stick to one formula; the characters go back to retrieve something but time is still forward-moving, even though the period is earlier, wardrobe included. “Tenet” is totally innovative. Astounding, no, colossal, no, MIND-BENDING special effects consume this film. They are so unique yet so real. What goes on in Nolan’s brain is beyond me but I’ll tell you what, his weirdness is our wonderland. Action scenes go hard like a Verzuz battle! They tell their own story, especially given the nature of the plot. Also, you may not pay attention to this, but the score – the music played under the scenes – is magnificent. It adds the right amount of suspense and tension. I mean, the music is flawless. Shouts-out to composer Ludwig Goransson. See, these are things the audience will easily understand. The storyline and sequence of events…not so much.

Watching “Tenet” is like taking the SAT. You REALLY have to concentrate. When characters explain certain things, they lose you. I was scratching my head profusely – and I don’t even have hair! As breathtaking as the visuals are, if you’re not fully aware of the plot, your thought process will end up on the back of a milk carton.

The visuals are the story but the story is extremely intricate. The sound mixing is a big problem, too. Some scenes involve characters wearing masks, and the dialogue is super distorted. If I don’t hear what you’re saying, how the hell do you expect me to follow?!

I’ve come to the conclusion that “Tenet” is one of those movies that some will love while others will be like, “What the [email protected]#$ is this??

We have to face the fact that Chris Nolan is a complex fella.

Having said all that, I’m co-signing “Tenet” to the fullest! You’ll have to watch this twice, I ain’t even gon’ lie. At least Google the plot after you see it.

The movie was shot in 35mm, 70mm and IMAX so if you can, I suggest you please please please see this in IMAX! It’s a phenomenon. Also, it’s loooooong, around 2 hrs 30 mins. I made the mistake of ordering a large Pepsi.

The movies are back, my good people. Will “Tenet” save the box office depression? We can’t see the future…

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Did you check out the film over the weekend? If so, what did you think?