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Tavis Smiley has been ordered to pay PBS $2.6 million for getting the WAP at work!

In March, a jury found the former PBS host did indeed violate the morals clause of his contract by having multiple affairs with his subordinates.

The decision was reached after a three-week trial where jurors heard depositions from six women who accused Tavis of misconduct. 

One woman testified that Tavis made numerous sexual advances towards her. She says when she turned him down he said:

I’m tired of you telling me no. I’m tired of you rejecting me. I’m going to show you what happens to people when they reject me.

The woman ended up leaving the job. She was paid $325,000 to resolve her sexual harassment complaint.

Another woman testified Tavis reminded her he was her boss when she turned down his advances. 

I felt like my job was in jeopardy and that if I didn’t do what he wanted sexually, I would lose my job.

She was eventually fired. The woman said she believes she was terminated when others in the office found out about the relationship.

The jury awarded PBS $1.5 million, but the network argued they were entitled to additional damages under the morals clause. 

On August 5, Judge Yvonne Williams agreed and awarded PBS $2.6 million.

That includes $1.9 million in liquidated damages — the amount paid by PBS to Smiley’s company, TS Media, for the show’s last two seasons. The judge also awarded PBS an additional $702,898 that corporate underwriters had paid to Smiley’s company for those seasons.

Judge Williams also denied Tavis Smiley’s request to reduce the jury award.

Source: Variety