Tammy Rivera Eats Crow After Coming At Megan Thee Stallion In Defense Of Waka Flocka

In today’s episode of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong,” Tammy Rivera is trending on social media after she came at Megan Thee Stallion over a misunderstanding involving Waka Flocka.

Apparently, some Atlanta rapper known as Cash Talk took to the streets of Instagram to shares his thoughts on Megan’s situation with Tory Lanez

He wrote:

Megan 6 Feet

Tory 5”2

We don’t know what the hell happen in that car! Y’all know females be tripping and sh*t!!! All these cap @ss rappers picking a side like little B**ches and sh*t

The problem began when Waka Flocka commented, “??,” under the post leaving many to believe he was co-signing the sentiment. 

The Shade Room reposted it and included Waka’s comment. 

Megan Thee Stallion responded to the post by commenting:

He didn’t make it past the 9th grade I expect nothing less coming out of his mouth.

Waka commented again claiming he was referring to Cash Talk’s shirt not his comments. (Ooookay)

That’s when Tammy Rivera jumped out the window in defense of her husband. 

She addressed Megan writing:

What baffles me is that @theestallion waka has shown nothing but love and support from day on. He’s dm’ed you many of times sending you support and condolences…so if you felt away why not reach out instead. Anyone know I have no problem checking waka ass when he’s wrong, only thing he’s wrong for is not paying attention before commenting on this damn post! He has ownership in @drolife clothing and gets excited when he see ppl wearing it, which is the shirt the man is wearing!

What’s even crazier is that we have talked about this situation and waka said out of his own mouth Tory was weak asf if he did that sh*t to Megan, Before we even knew it was true! And one thing I know for sure is that my husband don’t play about any kind of domestic violence neither does the woman @debra4mizay who raised him! I won’t let nobody drag him especially when I know it was an honest mistake! What happen to Megan was wrong on soooo many levels but your anger is misplaced we stand with you not against you…congratulations on your new hit single #Wap and @wakaflocka next time pay f**king attention when you commone on sh*t cause I ain’t got time to be defending yo ass for stupid sh*t!!

After penning her thesis statement, Megan Thee Stallion simply responded, “Wasn’t talking to waka…”

After eating crow, Tammy Rivera returned to Instagram to issue Meg a public apology.

Well then I am woman enough to apologize.. @theshaderoom post made it seem like you was talking to him…

Now, Tammy is trending on Twitter as people clown her for being loud and wrong for her man. 

Peep the tweets: 

Welp. What I’m most entertained by is how Tammy Rivera talks about Waka Flocka like he’s a child.


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14 thoughts on “Tammy Rivera Eats Crow After Coming At Megan Thee Stallion In Defense Of Waka Flocka”

  1. Tammy is not a punk and Waka is her rider she will defend him at al cost. She apologized so that’s kool

  2. It sure seemed like she was taking to Waka. Tammy made a mistake and apologized I feel like any woman who loves their man would react like that especially when the comments looked like that?

  3. My thing is meg wasn’t clear on who she was speaking too. That’s what Tammy supposed to do in reference to her husband. Also Meg want people not to talk about it but every time someone talk about it she comment. She doing too much. Rihanna an Chris have to deal with their situation for life as well any celebrity is going to be dragged if their personal life becomes public. Thick skin is a must. And at the same time. Her account of the events have changed so now it leaves people to look at it like there’s something not being said. The only smart person is Tory he hasn’t said one thing because he doesn’t want to shed light on the situation and is trying to let it die down but no. Meg is allowing gossiping basically cloud her judgement. Remain silent until proven guilty point blank. This a whole circus

  4. So if it wasn’t for waka y not say it then when he commented again before Tammy stood up for her man as she should. Meg is angry which is beyond understandable but like Tammy said no one is against u n for those who are then fuck’em & keep making money.

  5. Meg just need to calm down everybody ain’t against you we with you boo, next time clarify that shit and tag who you referring to. I like Tammy she down for her husband ? but and way ??To meg

  6. Well I took it as if Meagan was talking about wake so would have done the exact same thing but at least she apologized. Love you T.

  7. I am not understanding why people are so upset with a situation that they would have done the same thing too! We have enough going on in this world than to keep nonsense going.

  8. This man wrote a whole comment dissing Megan. And when she comment on it, y’all really thought she replied to waka’s “?” comment Really!? It was very clear to whome she was speaking to in for everyone who saw different is messy and full of fucking drama.

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