Tammy Rivera took to social media to blast a CVS employee for racially profiling her.

@cvspharmacy I’m disgusted in the lack of customer service, the disrespect, and the racist profiling I experienced tonight

Tammy said she went in the store to get some hydrocortisone and the woman working in the store watched her through three aisles while she shopped.

The employee did not show any customer service at all, according to Tammy.

And when the CVS employee saw Tammy open one of the products in the store, she told her, “Don’t do that!”

Tammy said she went off on the woman and the police were called.

See video below of Tammy Rivera blasting the employee as well as her thoughts on the incident once she calmed down.

Did you scoop the gem that Tammy shared from her grandmother?

You never know when your entertaining the angels so treat everybody fairly.

Your thoughts?