Tamar Braxton’s man, David Adefeso, was saddened and heartbroken by K. Michelle blasting his woman.

K. Michelle took to Instagram and aired Tamar Braxton out for allegedly sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s father and getting beat up by his wife in an elevator. 

Now, you may be wondering where all of this came from after the ladies seemingly ended their feud.

Remember when they hit the stage together at the BET Awards?

Well, all of that went up in dust after Tamar appeared on TS Madison’s show and was asked if she would do a Verzuz battle with K. Michelle. 

While Tamar didn’t respond verbally, her antics came off a bit shady and that’s exactly how K. Michelle perceived it. 

That is what caused K. Michelle to go in like this: 

During Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso’s “Quarantined & Coupled” show, he expressed how saddened he was by the entire incident.

What I saw this morning made me sad. Because I saw one strong black woman – strong good-looking black woman tear another strong good-looking black woman down.

And it broke my heart. 

Watch below (10:45 mark):

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