More heartbreaking details are emerge surrounding Tamar Braxton and her apparent suicide attempt.

The singer and reality TV star was rushed to the hospital after she ingested an unknown amount of pills and alcohol before she became unresponsive.

She was found by her boyfriend, David Adefeso, in the hotel room of the Ritz Carlton and was rushed to the hospital where she is in stable condition.

It appears, Tamar’s ongoing battle with WEtv may have pushed her over the edge.

According to Page Six, Tamar sent the higher-ups an email expressing her disdain for the way they ultimately ruined her family with their long-running reality series, “Braxton Family Values.”

In the email, Tay also credited the show and their producers for “breaking her” when they shared her secret of sexual abuse.

Via Page Six:

“We fight with each other, we betray each other, and now we’re physically assaulting each other — all happening because your show [“Braxton Family Values”] has chosen to show the absolute worst side of a strong, independent and successful African American family; a show that I created to showcase a strong Black Family as a beacon of hope for all the young black girls and boys out there; instead you coached and cajoled us into finding the worst in each other.”

Likening the network to “cruel white slave masters who once chained our forefathers, and the oppressive police forces that now terrorize our communities,” she added, “I hope those ratings were worth it because you succeeded in destroying a great black family.”

Meanwhile, she said that “the final stake into the heart of my family” was “the day you dug up a secret I’d never shared with anyone, a secret I was so ashamed to talk about that I hid it even from my own mom: the fact that I had been assaulted and raped repeatedly from age 6 to age 16, sometimes multiple times a day.” Braxton said that producers had “exposed it on your show in front of my entire family and 100 crew members.” She added, “You broke me that day and I considered ending my own life then for the shame I felt!”

She ended the email, “I have news for you! Today, I take my power back. I will no longer tolerate being oppressed. I am asking you to break the chains NOW and LET ME GO I am suffocating! I CAN’T BREATHE!!”

Tamar was also extremely unhappy with her new show, “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life,” and the fact that they brought in “Love & Hip Hop” producer Mona Scott-Young as a producer.

She reportedly felt “ambushed” when she was called into a meeting to talk about the show and when she arrived Mona was sitting there in the meeting. The very person she didn’t want to work with.

Ironically, the trailer for “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life” was released the very same day she overdosed.

Watch the trailer below:

According to The Blast, hours before Tamar’s overdose, she composed a tweet where she wrote:

I am a slave. I do not own my life. My stories. My pictures. My thoughts or beliefs. I’ve asked massa to free me. I’m threatened and punished for it. The only way I see out is death. I will choose that before I continue to love like this. please help me ??

Tamar did not post the tweet – she sent it to family members instead.

See the tweet.

On her Twitter profile, Tamar added “Slave” to her name.

WEtv had the nerve to take to social media today to post a message of support for Tamar.

The Real,” who fired Tamar as a host of the daytime talk show in 2016, also extended a word of support:

Traci Braxton took to social media to ask for prayer for their family.

Please send up a prayer for Tamar Braxton and her family.