SZA approached Ashanti at the VMAs while she was interviewing with “Entertainment Tonight” and showered her with love.

She told Ashanti a story about how she waited at a book store when she was around 12 or 13-years-old for 10.5hrs. to get her signature.

She said it was an amazing experience and she would wait for her a million years for the rest of her life.

They hugged and she told Ashanti that she is so amazing, she’s like perfect, and she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she’s been perfect for her whole life.

Ja Rule was also present, and Sza told him that she loves him too and that they changed her life.

Ashanti posted the moment to her IG account along with the caption:

This was such an incredible moment last night. We don’t see enough women empowerment.. Women camaraderie… Women showing women love. The perception is that women are so “Catty”…. This genuinely made my heart smile and I can’t lie it made me a lil emotional…????lol… @sza you are beautiful with a beautiful soul inside and out… and your Talent is Amazing. Love u too I’m a big fan as well ❤️

Watch the video below:

It was an amazing moment to see these two beautiful and talented black women uplift each other.

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