SZA and her team have created a hotline for people to cry, laugh, and talk through their highs and lows during these Pandemic times.

Uhhh random I made a hotline to cry n laugh n talk w chall 2 days outta the week ???? Put some custom meditations on there too + other resources . LOVE YOU ????CALL NOW ???? #GOODLINE ???? (MAKING THE MEDITATIONS LONGER ROGHT NAOOWW)

See the original post below:

The video above was directed by SZA and shot by Blair Caldwell.

The hotline number is 888-808-0CRY.

This is not a joke, it is legit!

SZA tweeted that over 60k calls were made last night in the first five hours.

Apparently, this hotline was a good idea.

SZA said that the hotline will provide custom meditations, as well as providing resources for anyone who is struggling. She will be taking calls herself on Friday.

So if you need to share a cry or get your frustrations out, holler at SZA!

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