Less than two weeks after their messy split, surveillance video of a physical altercation between Quavo and Saweetie has been released. 

[Saweetie Confirms She’s ‘Single’ After Much ‘Betrayal’ & ‘Hurt’]

The altercation went down in an elevator at an apartment complex in North Hollywood.

The video picks up with Saweetie swinging on Quavo. He dodges the hit and drops his orange Call of Duty case. 

Saweetie picks up the case and Migos rapper comes at her full force to get it back.

They begin struggling over the case.

Quavo slings Saweetie into the elevator, then wrestles her to the floor of the elevator to retrieve his case.

Saweetie was injured during the altercation because she remains on the floor until the elevator reaches its floor. 

Quavo just stands there looking at her and does not render aid.

She eventually uses the elevator rails to pull herself up and then she limps off of the elevator. 


Sidebar: Interestingly, rumors have been swirling all day claiming the Migos allegedly jumped Justin LaBoy in an Atlanta nightclub last night. 

Today, this video of Quavo fighting Saweetie hits TMZ

Someone is playing Chess – not checkers!

Watch the video below: