‘Surrounded’ Trailer: Letitia Wright Is A Buffalo Soldier Seeking Claim On A Gold Mine

Letitia Wright - Surrounded - Key Art

MGM has released the official trailer for the forthcoming film, Surrounded, starring Letitia Wright.

About The Film: 

Five years after the Civil War, freedwoman and former Buffalo Soldier Moses “Mo” Washington travels west to lay claim on a gold mine- the summation of years of toil for Mo and her community. 

It is a mean, dangerous world for an unaccompanied Black woman in 1870 America and so Mo travels into the deep frontier disguised as a man. 

After her stagecoach is ambushed by a group of murderous thieves, Mo is forced to hold legendary outlaw Tommy Walsh captive while the remaining surviving passengers seek out help. 

What ensues is a battle of wills, blurring the line between captor and captive, as they both try to survive the harsh western landscape. 

Surrounded Cast & Crew:

Surrounded is directed by Anthony Mandler and written by Andrew Pagana, Justin Thomas, and Andrew Pagana. 

The film stars Letitia Wright, Jamie Bell, and Jeffrey Donovan, with Brett Gelman and the late Michael K. Williams.

Release Date: 

June 20, 2023, on Digital

Watch The Trailer: 

Do you plan to check out Surrounded when it premieres on-demand this June? 

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