WWE Superstar Billy Graham

Another WWE legend has transitioned to the big ring in the sky. “Superstar” Billy Graham has passed away.

The former WWE Champion, born Eldridge Wayne Coleman, suffered from a myriad of very serious health issues including a major infection in his ears, skull, and left hip, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, issues with his lungs, diabetes, and hearing loss as a result of the infection.

Over the last four months, Billy Graham was in and out of rehab centers and the intensive care unit.

Superstar Billy Graham and wife Valerie Irwin

His wife, Valerie Irwin, shared that in addition to all of his health issues, he lost 80 pounds, and was suffering from bed sores and depression.

At one point, Billy coded, but doctors were able to revive him and he was placed on life support. 

On Monday, Valerie shared via Facebook that doctors wanted to remove Billy Graham from life support, but she refused. 

Please urgent prayers needed for my husband. The doctors wanted to remove him from life support tonight, I refused.

He’s a fighter and his will is strong even if his body isn’t. God is our hope.

In addition to fighting to try to save her husband, Valerie is battling long COVID after contracting the virus in February and has been unable to work. 

Because of the virus, Valerie was unable to be by her husband’s side during his sickness.

The family launched a GoFundMe in an effort to try to stay afloat and cover Billy Graham’s mounting medical bills. 

The WWE Hall of Famer died on Wednesday (May 17) and the organization paid tribute to the legend via social media. 

My sincerest condolences to loved ones, friends, and fans of Billy Graham.

No more suffering. Rest in peace.

Source: CBS News

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