Styles P said he feels he could’ve delegated the situation better when he stepped in to defend an unarmed Black woman against two Yonkers cops who were using excessive force to cuff her.

The Lox rapper said he was caught off guard when he saw them slam the woman to the ground.

And a part of him wanted to fight the cop, but he realizes now that’s one of the dumbest things you could ever do.

Styles is seen in the video repeatedly calling one of the cops a b***h, to his face, for standing by with his hand on his gun while his partner slammed the unarmed female to the ground.

He told the videographer to keep recording as the cop became agitated and told him to back up.

The video cuts shortly after that.

Watch the video below:

Styles said he was wrong because we’re all in danger, and you have to be careful how you speak, but we also have to step up when we see things being done wrong.

He said he doesn’t blame the cops, and he doesn’t want them to be fired.

He blames the system for putting them in an environment that they have no idea about, which causes them to police with fear.

He suggests they be trained properly and zoned properly so they have an understanding of the people and the environment they are working in.

Watch the video below:

Salute to Styles P for stepping up for black women and possibly saving a life.

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