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Stevie J Issues A Public Apology For Humiliating Faith Evans In Leaked Video

Stevie J took to the streets of Instagram to apologize to his wife, Faith Evans.

The apology comes one week after Tasha K leaked a video of the music producer and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum taunting and berating Faith, calling the singer out of her name, and accusing her of sleeping with other men in their home. 

Watch the disturbing clip below. 

You may recall Stevie J filed for divorce from Faith Evans six days after his 50th birthday. 

Days later, Faith posted videos of herself and her husband doing cartwheels on the beach like everything was all good between them. 

That’s when Tasha K released the video.

Now, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and Stevie is issuing a public apology for humiliating his wife. 

Watch the apology video below. 


Stevie turned off the comments on the apology video to avoid feedback from the public. 

For me, there are some levels of disrespect that are inexcusable.

But, the Jordans appear to have moved past it.

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