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Steve Harvey kept it really real on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast when he revealed his daughters didn’t want him to marry his now wife, Marjorie Harvey.

Steve made the revelation after Shannon Sharpe asked him about blending their families when he and Marjorie first got together.

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The comedian, actor, and show businesman was already a dad to twin girls, Brandi and Karli, and a son, Broderick Harvey, from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey (1991-1994). 

Steve is also dad to Wynton Harvey from his second marriage to Mary Shackleford (1996-2005) 

Marjorie entered the relationship with two daughters, Morgan and Lori, and a son Jason, whom Steve later adopted. 

Steve responded:

Oh, that sh*t hard!… Nah, that sh*t hard, dawg.

They wasn’t in agreement. They went bowling one night in Memphis when me and Marjorie first got together.

We bought all the kids together, all seven of them.

And all the girls went bowling, and came back and decided they didn’t want us to get married and said they don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

And they need more time to get to know us.

And I’m sitting up here looking at some people that ain’t got sh*t… y’all ain’t got a relationship, a good a** job, a career.

I’m paying for colleges and sh*t. How I’m listening to y’all making some damn decisions.

Y’all ain’t got one boyfriend that done worked thus far.

So I don’t know how in the hell you finna tell me how to live… my sons was over there cool with it.

Broderick, Jason, and Wynton they sitting over there they cool with everything.

The four girls, total just mayhem… totally against it!

Ain’t none of them got nobody! Why am I listening to them?…

Dawg, I love this girl! This girl best think for me. Now we gone work.

Now we gonna create an atmosphere of love and everybody is invited into it, and everybody want to come into it can come into it.

And, it was a point, man, where, like, all of them except the oldest one… my two daughters had graduated from college.

Morgan was out of college so the three girls were living on their own. Everybody else lived in the house.

The three boys and the daughter. Lori grew up with four damn brothers. We could protect Lori at the house with them brothers.

Sh*t done got out of hand now, we can’t… you know, we can’t watch it now.

Cause I would’ve been done sawed off a bunch of these little… you know, but, like, at the house, oh we had full control of what was going on.

Listen to the clip of the Steve Harvey interview from the “Club Shay Shay” podcast below:

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In 2016, Marjorie Harvey told People, “When you’re dealing with a blended family, everyone is coming from a place of broken. We knew this was right. Now we’re Mom and Dad to everybody.”

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