Steve Harvey Reacts To Viral TikTok Video Of Mistaken Identity

Steve Harvey recently appeared on the “Sherri” show and reacted to a viral video of a little girl thinking she saw him in a local diner.

Steve was completely amused by the viral video and admitted that for a second he was caught off guard by how much the gentleman looked like him.

But, one thing is for certain…the Drip Gawd knew he wouldn’t ever wear the patterns on the man’s sweater.

But, here’s the part I like, when she Googled me she did like this… What?…

How the hell y’all don’t see this?…

But I looked at the video I thought they had found an old video of me at the Waffle House.

No, seriously, I use to eat there all the time.

Now that sweater threw me a little bit cause… that ain’t the pattern imma rock.

Other than that, man… Boy, he look just like me, man, kind of scared me.

Watch the clip of the Steve Harvey interview on the “Sherri” show below:

Do you think the man in the video looks just Steve Harvey?

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