Stephen A. Smith recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show,” and he said he wakes up everyday thinking how he can make his bosses more money.

I wake up everyday with two missions in mind.

How do I make my bosses more money, and how do I get some of it?

Very simple… Why is that? 

Because if you wake up with that mindset, number one, the boss wants to hear what you have to say because they know that you’re putting them first, and then they don’t resent you trying to get some of it yourself.

As a result, it forces or provokes conversation and dialogue between the two parties involved.

You’re listening to them, they’re listening to you because everybody is trying to win.

And, that’s what it comes down to. You’re creating a win-win proposition for everybody.

Watch the video below:

Stephen A. Smith figured out this strategy after being fired from ESPN 10 years ago over a contract dispute.

He described it as an extremely humbling experience that forced him to do some self-reflection and focus on what value he brings to a job.

Do you agree with Stephen A.’s two mission logic?

Personally, I think you should wake up thinking about how you can become your own boss.