Stephen A. Smith returned to his ESPN show “First Take,” on Monday (January 17), and shared his battle with COVID-19.

Stephen A. said he was in the hospital on New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day.

He also said he was told if he hadn’t been vaccinated he would not have made it. 

I had a 103 degree fever every night. 

Woke up with chills, and pool of sweat… headaches were massive, coughing profusely, and it got to a point that right before New Year’s Eve… I was in the hospital New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day.

That’s how I brought in the New Year, and they told me had I not been vaccinated, I wouldn’t be here.

That’s how bad I was.

I had pneumonia in both lungs, my liver was bad, and it ravaged me to the point where even now I have to monitor my volume.

Got to get in the gym everyday, walk before you run, and work your way back because I’m still not 100% with my lungs, but I’m COVID negative and all of that stuff, and I’m on the road to recovery.

Stephen A. goes on to give his love and respect to the doctors, coworkers, and friends that supported him throughout his battle with COVID.

He emphasized how important wearing a mask is because COVID affects everyone differently and you don’t know how the next person may be affected.

He also expressed how lucky and blessed he feels to still be here.

And I can’t tell you how lucky and sincerely blessed I am to be sitting here with you guys today because two and a half, three weeks ago, I didn’t know if I was going make it.

Watch the video below:

We are thankful that Stephen A. Smith is still here with us, and we wish him the best on his road to recovery.