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The best shooter in the world, Steph Curry, was spotted at Drake’s OVO gym getting some shots up.

In the vid, they seem to be having a 3-point contest of some sort, but Steph is shooting from behind the black line which is a little further back than the white line that Drake is shooting from.

Maybe this was discussed or agreed upon before the vid started.

It’s unclear who won the battle as reactions in the background imply that Drake is keeping up with Steph.

If I had to guess I would say Steph won.

Watch vid below:


Drake and Steph have a very cool relationship.

After the 2019 NBA Finals, in which the Golden State Warriors were dethroned by the Toronto Raptors, Drake called Steph.

The dynamics of their relationship was defined to me in that phone call.

For Steph to be so calm and congratulatory at that moment and even share a laugh with Drake let me know that these guys have a lot of respect for each other.

Watch vid below:

Do you think Steph Curry or Drake won the 3-point contest?

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