A week after four Minneapolis police officers killed George Floyd in broad daylight (and only one has been charged), Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has announced civil rights charges against the department. 

On Tuesday (June 2), Walz announced:

The Minnesota of Department of Human Rights is filing a commissioner’s charge of discrimination to launch a civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department.

The investigation will review MPD’s policies, procedures and practices over the last 10 years to determine if the department has utilized systemic discriminatory practices towards people of color.

Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero confirmed the agency served the city with papers around 1 p.m. CT.

We’re really hoping that this is something … we can move very quickly on, because of shared values and goals around this issue.

The Minneapolis City Council said they are down for the cause:

We welcome and fully support the Minnesota Department of Human Rights’ robust investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department.

We urge the state to use its full weight to hold the Minneapolis Police Department accountable for any and all abuses of power and harms to our community and stand ready to aid in this process as full partners.

Watch the news report below:

This is great news and I hope this investigation isn’t a pump fake to quiet those around the world who are outraged by another black life lost at the hands of police. 

But, I’m still waiting on the other three officers who killed George Floyd to be charged. I ain’t forgot!

Source: NBC News