Sportscenter Basketball Post Meant To Inspire Gets Ridiculed 

Sportscenter posted a video of a man shooting hoops in heavy rainfall captioned, “His dream is to make it to the NBA,” and the video got ridiculed.

The man appears to be in an underdeveloped country, and he is shooting a basketball on a makeshift basketball goal and ball return.

The man has great shooting form, and he doesn’t miss one jump shot as the mini-Hurricane is going on in the background.

See the original Sportscenter post below:

Instead of acknowledging the inspirational aspects of the post, y’all social media friends chose violence and leaned into their jokes.

Scoop some comments below:

Sportscenter comment 1A.
Sportscenter comment 1.
Sportscenter comment 2.
Sportscenter comment 3.
Sportscenter comment 4.
Sportscenter comment 5.

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