Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Bill Cosby, says the comedian and actor believes R. Kelly got “railroaded” in his sex-trafficking and racketeering trial.

We talked about it today, and he was like look the guy was railroaded.

As he said Gloria Allred did the same thing that she did with him.

You parade women out, and you stir up the public sentiment to go against him.

And, that’s what they did to R. Kelly.

Gloria Allred is the attorney who represented the 33 accusers in the Bill Cosby Trial.

Andrew Wyatt, speaking independently, said what we see today is an assault on successful black men who have wealth and are doing great things.

He seems to be totally disregarding the graphic testimony from the accusers in the R. Kelly case.

Andrew believes R. Kelly’s conviction will be overturned in Appellate court because Gloria Allred represented 3 of R. Kelly’s accusers and she use the same strategy with Bill Cosby’s accusers.

I think what black people have to do and fans have to do is say no to Gloria Allred and her racist tactics.

We see she went after Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods, she only goes after black men who have money and success.

Watch the video below:

What Andrew doesn’t mention is Bill Cosby’s conviction was overturned on a technicality from an agreement he made with prosecutor Bruce Castor in 2015.

The court ruled that the agreement should’ve prevented Bill Cosby from being charged again.

Bill Cosby’s conviction getting overturned had nothing to do with Gloria Allred, and there is no such technicality that exist for R. Kelly.

Bill Cosby and his spokesman Andrew Wyatt seem to have a personal vendetta against attorney Gloria Allred.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ and Variety

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