Soulja Boy recently posted a clip on his IG account of him and Jhonni Blaze having fun on the set of his upcoming official video for “Make It Clap.”

In the flirty video clip, Jhonni Blaze lets Soulja know that she didn’t know he was going to wear yellow, and he whispers something in her ear that makes her laugh.

Jhonni responds to whatever was whispered with, “Y’all don’t know Big Soulja like I do, he’s the greatest person ever!”

She then gives him credit for being a consistent artist and not just a one hit wonder.

Watch the video clip below:

Jhonni Blaze also gave some sneak peeks of the video on her IG account.

The song “Make It Clap” turned into a viral sensation and peaked at number one on April 24 on Billboard’s Top Triller U.S. chart.

In April, Soulja Boy posted a video on YouTube showing how to do the “Make It Clap” challenge for those who were not tuned in to the dance.

Watch the video below:

Jhonni Blaze has a point about Soulja Boy’s consistency, he may be off the scene for a minute but he seems to always find his way back in a major way.

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