Smokey Robinson had the tears of a Michael Jordan crying meme after he went viral for mispronouncing “Chanukah.”

The legendary singer and songwriter is the latest celeb to join Cameo.

It’s a service where you can purchase a personalized shout out for yourself or someone else from your fave celebs.

Well, a man named Jeff Jacobson paid Smokey $399 to wish his mother a “Happy Chanukah,” but things took a swift turn when Smokey said, “Chanookah!”

Jeff shared the clip on Twitter writing:

My mom grew up on the same street as Smokey Robinson in Detroit. So for Chanukah, I wanted to reunite them via @Cameo. But the video takes a strange twist.

Watch below:

Smokey Robinson is now asking Jeff for a “Do-Over.”

Hey @jeffjacobson – in the spirit of 2020, I’m gonna need a do-over! Please DM your mother’s phone number so we can try this again ?

See the original tweet below:

Yes, Smokey! Blame it on 2020 or the rain like Milli Vanilli.

Now, I’m going to shoot Smokey Robinson some bail and say that most people are used to the “Hanukkah” spelling. But, “Chanukah” is the formal spelling.

Does that help?

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