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A U.S. District Court judge has granted Slim a $100,000 default judgment against his former 112 group members Daron Jones and Q Parker. 

You may recall in August 2018, the group split and their discord spilled over into the streets of social media leaving fans saddened, but mostly disappointed. 

Slim, real name Marvin Scandrick, eventually took legal action over the use of the 112 name. 

His attorney, James Walker Jr., announced their legal victory on Thursday (October 21) writing: 

Congrats to our client @officialslim_ and his company M3 Productions Inc. He is the owner of the “112” name and repeatedly asked others not to use the name illegally. 

After filing a federal action about two years ago, today a Federal Court ruled in Slim’s favor and awarded $100k in damages. 

The judge also banned the Defendants from using the “112” mark in any advertisements, marketing, promotions, concert appearances or on social media anywhere or passing themselves off as “112” or having their agents use the mark illegally.

Very happy for you my friend and thankful to the whole team of staff and lawyers who assisted including Willard Stanback, Stephen Katz and Demi Willis, among others.




See his original post below. 

Slim commented on his attorney’s post writing: 

So much was said and done these past years and as a friend you told me to trust in God and the process. ????

Thank you for that 1st conversation separating my heart and business… When the movie/book comes, you’re definitely in it!????

Thank my team and ones who stood by me when things were at it’s lowest… To GOD BE THE GLORY ????

I will make a more GLOBAL statement soon! Stay Tuned ????

No one wins when the family feuds.


Slim took to the streets of Instagram to get a few things off of his chest regarding the chatter around his judgment against Q and Daron.

He has since deleted the post, but read what he had to say below.

So much has been said about this, so many opinions during the years about this subject. So many people are asking me questions like this hasn’t been going on for years…

For those who are just now learning about this I will explain on my page one last time. This is the conclusion of what has been going on for at least 3 years… My hope is that those who are pursuing music don’t practice this type of business.

First let me say I forgive all those that have wronged me any way…I just will never forget. I trademarked 112 in 2018…8 years after it was abandoned, ANYONE could have done it.

For me 112 is a priority so business wise it made sense to protect what I risked everything for.

The formers nor my manager didn’t know I had the trademark until after they started the lie about stealing money months later.

We were already told by them that because of personnel differences they were done, I posted their own texts with the dates.

On December 25th, 2018 my trademark was official. I respected their decision to leave, I asked repeatedly to not infringe and they knew I had trademarks but caused a lot of unnecessary confusion.

One former was in the church, why use a secular name? The other wanted to do solo projects, why use a brand you walked away from AGAIN? Could have easily did this and stayed in the group…

Now I was accused of creating a shell and fraud LLC to hide money that was stolen…smh. What y’all don’t know is that it has been proven that what they said was a LIE!

There was no money taken or hidden, I wonder will they admit this?? One of the former’s own friend told the court thru an affidavit that HE KNEW HE WAS BEING DECEITFUL…smh.

It was so easy to prove my case, their own EGOS and ARROGANCE solidified it, I posted a couple examples.

The lies was told so smoothly, I almost believed it too!???? When the dude announced the former, why’d he stutter?

He KNEW he was wrong…smh.

To all promoters, venues and agencies following me…PLEASE DON’T LET THEM PUT YOU IN ANY UNNECESSARY SITUATIONS WITH INFRINGEMENT. ???? Shoutout to the promoters that kept it ????!

I hope this is helpful to so many questions.


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