Legendary comedian and actor Sinbad surrounded by his family (Courtesy of Netflix)

Sinbad was recently honored with a tribute show at the YouTube Theater during the Netflix Is A Joke Fest. 

The 67-year-old legendary comedian and actor, who suffered an ischemic stroke in 2020, took the stage to share a few heartfelt, impactful, and funny words.

Sinbad walked out on stage with the assistance of a therapist and his walking staff. 

He addressed the room, filled with love, saying:

I’m gonna tell you something it’s a miracle for me to come out tonight even to be walking with a staff.

I feel good that I can do that because the left side of my body was affected.

My left hand, my left leg, just quit. 

Sinbad went on to offer an important reminder that words have power. 

Be careful what you talk about.

Remember I did my joke about having a stroke?

You gotta be careful what you talk about because you’ll bring it into fruition. 

The legendary comedian honored his wife, who has been by his side throughout his serious health challenges.

Thank God I did have the woman I talked about, the strong woman, who loved me.

Let me tell you something about the stroke.

This is your marriage vows, better or worse, in good health, bad health, rich or poor.

This is how you find out what kind of person you got that loves you. 

Then, Sinbad reminded everyone why he is still one of the greatest comedians to ever touch a mic. 

He said:

With some of the dumb stuff I did during my marriage – I know some days when I’m in this wheelchair at the top of the steps…

I know you’re up there thinking…’I know what you did! Let’s take a ride!’ 

Sinbad went on to publicly praise and celebrate his beautiful wife saying: 

I depend on this woman for my total survival and I thank God for her.

So, I want to say thank you here publicly. 

Watch the clips below (swipe the embed to see more).

Please join me in sending an abundance of love and prayers to Sinbad.

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