Silento was arrested on Friday after he was popped for driving 143 mph on an Atlanta Hwy. 

The 22-year-old rapper, real name Richard Lamar Hawk, was pulled over around 3 a.m. on I-85 after he was clocked by laser driving at an excessively high rate of speed in his BMW SUV.

The arresting officer said Silento was going so fast he was swerving around other cars and failing to maintain the lane.

When the rapper was pulled over on Clairmont Road, he told the officer he was coming from Gwinnett, and “people were following him” after he left a nightclub, where he was promoting his new single.

He added that he gets followed everywhere he goes. 

As for speeding, Silento told the officer: 

If there is like 10 cars following me, I can do 143 because I am not a regular person and you could go and look on your computer and it would tell you that.

He was arrested for reckless driving, speeding, failure to maintain lane and improper stopping.

The rapper was taken to Dekalb County Jail where he was later released on bond. 

This arrest comes nearly two months after Silento was arrested and jailed in California for assault with a deadly weapon.

This young man seriously needs help because he appears to be self-destructing.

Source: WSB-TV