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Former NBA star Shawn Kemp will be opening up the first black-owned dispensary in Seattle.

Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis is slated to open for business next Friday, October 30.

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Shawn’s former teammate and good friend, Gary Payton, is slated to be at the “green ribbon cutting” and he is very excited to share this day with all of the Sonic fans.

Payton said, “I’m looking forward to welcoming Sonics fans on a regular basis, starting with opening day.

The dispensary will be located at the corner of 1st and Denny and there is a dope mural on the side of the building!

See mural in the video below:


Kemp’s top priority is providing a pleasurable experience for his customers and I’m sure they will happily frequent his business for that experience.

Shawn Kemp was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 1989, he spent eight seasons with the team, and he also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, and Portland Trail Blazers before he retired in 2003.

Kemp averaged 14.6 points and 8.4 rebounds during his time in the NBA.

We wish “Shawn Hemp” the best with his new dispensary. I’m sure it will be an extremely successful investment.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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