Shaq Drops Bars At Home Depot & Surprises Employees At His Sneaker Warehouse

Shaq has already started his rounds for the summer, he recently recorded a rap video inside Home Depot, and he surprised employees at his massive sneaker warehouse.

Now that the NBA season is over and his analyst duties for “Inside the NBA” are on hiatus until October, Shaq has been in these streets.

He posted a rap video from Home Depot to his Instagram account on Wednesday (June 14), and the rap skills are still there.

Watch Shaq’s Home Depot rap video below:

Scoop some comments below:

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A day after posting his rap video, another video surfaced from Nice Kicks of him surprising employees at one of his massive shoe warehouses.

The video was captioned:

Shaq visited the warehouse that ships out his sneakers. He has sold over 400 million affordable pairs of shoes 🔥👏

Who knew he was still in the shoe business?…

Watch the warehouse video below courtesy of Nice Kicks:

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Shouts out to Shaq for being a SUPER human.

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