Shantel Jackson Says She & Nelly Grew Apart
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Shantel Jackson joined the ladies of “The Real” to talk about relationships.

Shantel joined the show virtually and the lighting wasn’t flattering at all, but her beautiful smile and energy still shined through. 

By now, you may have heard that Shantel and Nelly have ended their 7-year relationship.

The good news is that the two of them are still in a good place with one another. 

We didn’t end on bad terms. There is no bad blood between us. 

She went on to share:

I still talk to his mom. My mom still talks to his mom. 

That connection is still there just not on a relationship level. 

When Loni Love inquired about the break-up, Shantel Jackson told her: 

When we started our relationship, I was always on the road with him. Traveling out of the country on concerts – all of that good stuff. 

But, then when it came to a point where I was home more often building my company or working on my brand and him being on the road…me being on the road less with him, we started to grow apart. 

And it just became an issue with ‘You know what? What are we doing? What are we gonna do?’ 

We just had to come to the realization of look, let’s take this time and see if this split is going to bring it back full circle for us and honestly that’s what we’re doing.

In essence, Shantel said they let it go and if it’s meant to be it will come back. 

Watch the clip below.

I wish Shantel and Nelly the best either way.

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