Shannon Sharpe, Ochocino on 'Nightcap'

Shannon Sharpe is experiencing the Katt Williams Effect firsthand, as the NFL Hall of Famer revealed that his “Club Shay Shay” interview with the comedian has earned him more money than any year in his NFL career.

Uncle Goes Viral Over

In a recent episode of his “Nightcap” show with Ochocinco, Shannon emphasized that he’s profiting from his critics.

Last week, Shannon Sharpe gained attention online when a video surfaced of him stepping out of an SUV at an event promoting his Le Portier Shay VSOP Cognac.

Shannon Sharpe via TikTok

Social media users joked about his green outfit and orange sling backpack, leading to numerous recreations of the video for clicks and likes.

Shannon told Ochocinco, “I need somebody else to go in front of Total Wine and put on that green outfit because they just ordered 2,000 more cases!

I appreciate that,” he added. 

But, Unc wasn’t finished flexing on his haters. 

He went on to share that he just received his payment from his explosive “Club Shay Shay” interview with comedian and actor Katt Williams.

I just got the check!

So, whatever you think I made 3X it!

So, if you think I made $500,000…3X it!

I you think I made a million…3X it!

If you think I made $2 million…3X it! 

For clarity, Shannon Sharpe added, “Put it like this here…I made more money on Katt Williams alone than I made in year that I played in the NFL.”

Watch the video clip below.

How Much Money Did Shannon Sharpe Make From His Katt Williams Interview?

Shannon Sharpe made a total of $22,328,500 over his 15-season career with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. 

So, let’s look at the numbers…

Shannon Sharpe NFL Earnings

  • 1990 – $148,500
  • 1991 – $110,000
  • 1992 – $325,000
  • 1993 – $760,000
  • 1994 – $710,000
  • 1995 – $1,210,000
  • 1996 – $1,360,000
  • 1997 – $2,000,000
  • 1998 – $2,500,000
  • 1999 – $3,000,000
  • 2000 – $5,000,000
  • 2001 – $2,000,000
  • 2002 – $1,550,000
  • 2003 – $755,000
  • 2004 – $900,000 

After looking at his NFL earnings, that would mean Shannon Sharpe brought in OVER $5 million from his Katt Williams Interview! 

What a blessing!

Shannon took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support writing: 

So many Thank You’s owed, So much love received 🙏🏾

On behalf of @clubshayshay and myself we have been filled with immense gratitude.

The fire to get back out there and produce the best the podcast format has to offer.

We welcome each and every one of you to the @clubshayshay fam!

See his original tweet below. 

So, the next time you see folks clowning Shannon Sharpe in the streets of social media…just know he’s laughing all the way to the bank!

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