Scarface is in search of a kidney.

On Wednesday (October 7), the Hip Hop legend tweeted his blood type and asked for volunteers willing to donate him a kidney.

See tweet below:

Scarface confided in former group member Willie D in March informing him that he had caught COVID-19.

‘This whole three weeks has been an ordeal, Will,” Scarface stated at the time.

“It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen in my life. Like I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much until it was just like hot sauce. Like your gases and sh*t in your stomach, yo acids, it’s hot. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, man. It was just coming up like bile, bro. I couldn’t breathe, Will.”

Scarface was placed on dialysis in April after suffering kidney failure as a result of the virus.

“This my new lifeline,” he stated in April, pointing to his dialysis port. “I gotta change my entire diet. I gotta do dialysis four times a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all of my blood out, cleaning it, and putting it back in my body. Before the COVID, I never had kidney problems before.”

Six months later, Scarface is still suffering from kidney failure, but prayerfully him sharing his situation with the world will lead to a positive outcome.

Face is one of the most respected lyricists in the rap game. From his early days with the Geto Boys to his solo albums, he’s always kept his lyrics raw and real. He is a rap legend from Houston, Texas.

Millennials do your research!

We pray that Scarface finds a donor and makes a speedy recovery.