Nick Cannon recently vowed to remain celibate until 2022, but it appears he’s willing to make an exception for Saweetie.

On Saturday, the Icy rapptress announced to the Twitterverse that she wants “some babies.”

See her original tweet below:

One can only imagine what her DMs look like.

Nick must’ve been overcome with emotions when he saw her tweet because his response suggest that he couldn’t formulate the words to respond effectively.

Instead, he responded with all emojis.

There is a curious face emoji, followed by a ninja emoji, then a laughing emoji, and the most telling is a guy raising his hand (to volunteer) emoji.

See Nick’s original tweet below:

As a father of seven, Nick has a lot of experience in this category.

You can’t hate on Nick Cannon for shooting his shot, but what happened to staying celibate until 2022, bruh?

Your thoughts?