Saweetie has released her new single, “Back to the Streets,” featuring Jhené Aiko, along with the official lyric video for your viewing pleasure.

In the song Saweetie raps:

So clean when I pull up to the scene
Big goals, and I put that on me
What you thinkin'?
What's good?
F**k how you feel & I wish a n***a would
Had to hit the Heisman on ya homies
Steppin' in here, bad b*tches only
My ex used to act like he owned me
Ain't enough just to treat me like a trophy
I had that, past that
Knew I had to trash that
Bounced on his ass
Turn that boy into a flashback
I'm a 5 star b*tch with the price tag
Gotta find me somebody that could match that

The raptress took to Instagram to share her excitement about the new single writing:

I’m up early!!!!!! Feels like the first day of school ?? I’m hella excited this my new back yard boogie imma be 2 steppin all weekend!!!! TONIGHT ?✨? #BACKTOTHESTREETS IKDR!!!! ❄️❄️❄️

Listen and check out the lyric video below:

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING this joint?