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Saweetie and Quavo have allegedly unfollowed each other on social media after her appearance on “Respectfully Justin” fueling rumors that the couple has broken up.

Respectfully Justin” is an unscripted talk show on Revolt TV hosted by Justin LaBoy and Diddy‘s son, Justin Combs.

Justin LaBoy is a former overseas professional basketball player whose career ended early due to injury. He built a social media following with his “demon time” Instagram live sessions, went viral, and finessed his success into a TV show on Revolt.

Saweetie appeared on a recent episode of “Respectfully Justin,” and she was asked some questions that her ex, Justin Combs, had no problem assisting her with.

One of the questions was if she ever had a one-night stand. Saweetie replied, “I’ve always been in a relationship, faithful, Cancer sh*t.”

Justin quickly chimed in making his affinity for Cancers known.

“They just know how to treat you. They bring the good sides out of you.” 

Justin attempts to continue to indulge the audience with his experience with Cancers when Saweetie interrupts and suggest that they take a drink, leaving everyone to speculate that Justin was talking about her.

Visually there is a lot going on between Saweetie and Justin Combs during the interchange.

Watch the video clip below:

Saweetie was also asked if she would give her man a three-some if he was doing everything to make her happy.

She turned the tables with her answer.

Watch the video clip below:

Justin Combs and Saweetie clearly had a lot of unspoken energy between them during the interview, and they appear to still have strong feelings for each other.

Reportedly after the interview, Saweetie and Quavo unfollowed each other on Instagram, and neither one of them has confirmed or denied the status of their relationship since.

Watch the full episode of “Respectfully Justin” below:

Twitter seems to believe the breakup rumor is true. Scoop the tweets below:

Do you believe Saweetie and Quavo have broken up?

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