We’ve all seen Saweetie’s recent vacation posts and wished we were there.

What we’re calling a vacation, she is calling a “work-ation”.

In an interview with Apple Music, Saweetie revealed that she is currently in an artist development boot camp.

Watch below:

It wasn’t long ago that she admitted to having PTSD after freestyling on Hot 97 and not receiving the best feedback regarding her skills.

Saweetie is known for many things; her beauty, her endearing personality, her eclectic eating habits, and her former relationship.

Something she isn’t so heavily recognized or credited for is her intelligence.

Saweetie proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from USC.

Whether her style of rap is your cup of tea or not, the woman is smart.

She is treating her career like the business it is and mastering her craft.

In the boot camp, Saweetie says she is working on the things she struggles with.

She’s working on “breathing control, dance moves, stamina, everything.”

Do you guys think Saweetie needs artist development boot camp or is she fine as is?

Photos: Instagram