Saucy Santana is trending in the streets of Twitter after his awful tweets about Blue Ivy Carter resurfaced on social media.

In the 2014 tweets, the “Walk” rapper made disparaging remarks about Blue’s hair calling it “nappy.”

In another tweet, he stated Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter, North West, “cleared” Jay-Z and Beyoncé‘s firstborn.

Saucy Santana has made it very clear that he “said what he said” and he has no plans of apologizing for his 8-year-old tweets.

Blue Ivy is currently trending as people react to Saucy’s tweets, the way he’s handling the situation now that the tweets have resurfaced, and how a child has received so much unwarranted hate and criticism.

One person tweeted:

I don’t want Blue Ivy to EVER speak to y’all. I hope she goes to college and lives a clean, quiet and lavish life on her parents dime.

She does not need to seek out “the community” because y’all have hated her since she was born for not fulfilling your multiracial child fetish.

Read a few more tweets below.

It’s so unfortunate that people will speak so negatively about an innocent child without remorse.

What are your thoughts on Saucy’s tweets about Blue Ivy?