A rude commenter recently sent Keke Palmer a message requesting that she stop doing Instagram videos without her makeup because she scares their daughters and causes them to cry.

Initially I thought this was a joke until I went to Keke’s Instagram.

Judging by Keke’s Instagram post above she commonly receives comments from rude people about her skin.

Instead of lightning_ teaching his/her daughters that some people are born with skin issues that they have trouble overcoming, he/she took a rude jab at an issue that causes Keke insecurity.

If Keke’s Instagram videos without makeup cause his/her daughters to cry then why play them for your daughters? Lightning_ can simply bypass the videos where Keke is not wearing makeup.

Lightning_ wanted attention on a global platform because his/her comment was completely unnecessary, but Keke handled it very well. Even though Keke played along with the rude comment, I know her feelings were hurt.

What do you think of Lightning_’s comment?