Social media sensation Rolling Ray has been hospitalized after his wig caught fire and he suffered serious burns to his face and body.

Hours before the unfortunate incident, Ray posted this video on Instagram

After his hospitalization, Rolling Ray took to Instagram Live saying:

I’m in the hospital. I got burned. My wig caught on fire. I’m at the Washington Hospital Center.

Burned my whole skin…legs, arms, feet, and everything. I love y’all and I want y’all to keep me in your prayers.

See video clips below:

Ray, who is confined to a wheelchair credited a friend for saving his life and said, “If it wasn’t for him…I’d be dead right now.”

While many are praying for Rolling Ray and expressing sincere concern about his well-being, the streets of social media are lit with jokes about the incident.

Not too long ago, during an online disagreement with City Girls rapper Yung Miami, Ray said some pretty disrespectful things about her son’s father, who was killed.

Some feel Ray’s fate was karma.

My prayers to him for a speedy recovery.