Rockmond Dunbar Files $1.3M Lawsuit Against Disney For Discrimination Over Vaccine Mandate
Rockmond Dunbar (Courtesy of Fox/Getty)

Rockmond Dunbar, known for his role in “9-1-1“, is speaking out as his lawsuit against 20th Television heads to trial.

Rockmond Dunbar Files Discrimination Lawsuit Over Covid-19 Mandate

In February 2022, Dunbar filed a multi- million discrimination lawsuit against Disney and 20th Television following his dismissal from the show due to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Playing the character of Michael, the ex-husband of Angela Bassett’s character, Rockmond was part of the drama series from its beginning.

Upon being denied a religious exemption from the COVID-19 protocols requiring vaccination for all actors, Dunbar was abruptly written off the show.

Dunbar’s lawsuit alleges discrimination, stating that the studio mocked his religious beliefs, restricted his access to the set, and hindered his career prospects by portraying him as an anti-vaxxer.

The case is moving towards trial, with the court suggesting that 20th Television may have engaged in religious discrimination against the veteran actor.

Rockmond Dunbar Speaks Out

Rockmond Dunbar took to Instagram on Saturday and spoke out about the impact this ordeal has had on him and his family. 

Read his full statement below. 

It took 2.5 yrs of being attacked publicly and privately, judged, defamed, and lied on simply for daring to follow MY religion and God’s direction for MY life.

Millions in legal costs just to get my rightful day in court. I’ve lost jobs, associates and ‘fans’ but what I’ve never lost is my FAITH and FAMILY.

Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.

And I’m still standing. Stronger. Healthy. with my soul and integrity intact.

And despite this nightmare me and my family have weathered, I would make the same choice again bc nothing and no one on this Earth is or will ever be greater than The Most High.

I thank God for choosing me to see clearly and live fearlessly in my faith bc when all you have is money you will most definitely die broke and broken.

See Rockmond Dunbar’s original post below.

The Dunbar Family

Rockmond also shared new photos of himself, his wife Maya, and their beautiful children. 

He captioned the family photo, “I’m wealthier than I’ve ever been. All gratitude to the Ancestors and The Most High. Your protection is undefeated and my gratitude is infinite. 🙏🏾

Rockmond Dunbar is a true testament to standing firm in your beliefs despite and not wavering under the pressure of Hollywood. 

I pray he receives a positive outcome in his discrimination lawsuit.

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