Rip Micheals, Veronica Micheals (Courtesy of On The Fly PR)

God spared Rip Micheals’ life, but not his marriage.

During a recent interview, the comedian and “Wild ’N Out” cast member revealed his wife, Veronica Micheals, left him in November 2023 while he was in the hospital battling heart failure. 

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While keeping his sense of humor, Rip told Angela Yee, “When I was in the hospital it really made me get closer to my daughter.”

My wife left me while I was in the hospital too.

When Angela tried to understand better what happened, Rip Micheals said, “I guess when they said til death do us part, she’s a go getter. She don’t like to procrastinate so she was out!” 

Rip shared that he and Veronica Micheals were married for two years before she left. 

He joked again saying, “I guess when they said I was in ICU, she was like, ‘I’ll see you later.’ She was out of there.”

Rip Micheals went on to share what he learned from the experience. 

Watch as he shares his side of the story below. 

Below is a video of Rip and Veronica during happier times when they appeared on Fox 5 Washington, D.C.’s “Lion Lunch Hour” in 2022. 

Kenny Rogers said, “You got to know when to fold em.” But, dang!

I’m curious to hear Veronica Micheal’s version of this story…

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