Kid Cudi took to social media to share he is a complete mess after his beloved dog, Freshie, passed away.

The heartbroken rapper/actor and his four-legged bestie were together for 11 years.

In a lengthy message on his Instagram page, Kid Cudi shared how Freshie was always there for him – even in his darkest moments.

He also shared how there were nights when Freshie’s glare would stop him from cutting himself.

Read his full post below.

I got some sad news yall. Freshie is gone.

He left us a few days ago peacefully at home surrounded by people that love him. His family. I held his hand and whispered in his ear to let him know I was there while he slipped away.I told him he was a special boy, my best friend, that he was perfect and that I loved him and Ill miss him so so much. I felt his heart stop beating and felt his last breath.

Fresh has been in my life since 2010. I got him when the producers of How To Make It In America told me my character for 2nd season would sell weed and walk dogs. I had no previous interactions w dogs prior, other than giving one a pet if my friends had one at their place. I was truly nervous around dogs and I wanted to be comfortable onset w them so it felt legit. Like i was Domingo Dean, the dog walker/weed dealer.

After I got Freshie, I was wayyy more comfortable w the dogs onset. It worked. But at the time I had no idea I would have such a best friend in my life. He’s been here for 11 years, and my life has been one hell of a rollercoaster this whole time. Freshie was with me through it all everyday. He loved me. He really did. He came up and licked me if i was crying, he loved to lay in bed w me, he was always by my side or close by. He was my gaurdian angel.

Nights Id want to cut myself, Id see Freshie and I couldnt do it. He would stare at me when I would have a knife to my stomach, eyes glaring at me tellin me to put the knife down. My life will be a lil more empty with him gone. To anyone that has lost a pet, I feel your pain.

I am a complete mess. I cry at random moments of the day. I think of him when I wake up. Thinkin i have to take him out to pee. When I go to bed I almost say “Cmon boy” to let him know he can get in the bed with me. He would always wait to see if it was cool. He’d walk up, wait for me to say come on, then hop up. My best f**kin friend. Ill miss u everyday for as long as Iive.

Ur w my dad now. And I better see u on the other side man. U better run up and give me so much love. Im lookin forward to it. I love you forever Mr Freshly. Til we meet on the other side my beautiful special boy. Goodbye ????????????????

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Sending love and prayers to Cudi.